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My name is Robert Ross.

I served as the lead stock analyst for an investment research firm for nearly 10 years. Today I manage my own money and explain what’s happening in the markets to 500,000 people every month via my TikStocks social media following.

My goal with this newsletter is to help everyone from hedge funds to newly minted investors understand what’s happening in the markets. And best of all, I’m going to show you how my personal investing portfolio is positioned to profit from this analysis - all in under five minutes.

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Let’s face it: most investment research is boring.

Even if the analysis is solid, it’s presented in a way that makes watching paint dry seem like the Super Bowl.

My goal with this newsletter is to take the market research I’d been producing for years and present it in a way that’s entertaining.

If the Let’s Analyze newsletter is anything, it’s timely, actionable, and - most of all - not boring.

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Former senior analyst for an investment research firm. Now I explain how I invest my own money in simple language every week. Join me and my 500,000 member community as we navigate the stock, crypto, and real estate markets.


Robert Ross

Robert Ross’s style of clear and direct stock research helped him build a massive following in the investment research industry. Today, over a 500,000 investors turn to Ross every month for his take on investing, economics, and personal finance.